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My name is Cammii.
Age twenty-one. Norwegian. Engaged<3
My mind is filled with a lot of things, these are only some of it.


Proof That Aliens Exist On Our Planet

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I can’t go out and enjoy the sun by lying in the grass because the little piece of grass this building has is shared by all of the 10-15 apartments in it. So..there’s always people there. and it’s like a space of 5x5m…


December 2003 this image was caught by the security cameras at Hampton Court Palace, a huge tudor castle near London.

They kept finding the fire door open even when no one was there.  Upon viewing the footage they found this ghostly figure who they said resembled King Henry VIII. 

A security officer, James Faukes, called the incident “unnerving,” and said they’d ruled out their costumed guides. “In fact, they don’t even own a costume like the one worn by the figure on the video. It was incredibly spooky because the face just didn t look human,” Faukes said. -BBC